PuraVida Liposome Hydration Serum

鑽石3D網科技 實現水感Q彈肌

・深層補水: 10%高濃度四重分子釘,深入滋潤 ・高效滲透: 鑽石 3D 網水潤好吸收 ・強化屏障 : NMF 補水網,鞏固保濕膚質 ・Q彈健康: 活化膚質,Q 彈健康好氣色 通過貼布測試。無香料

SKU: 107920200
PuraVida Liposome Hydration Serum

PuraVida Liposome Hydration Serum

鑽石3D網科技 實現水感Q彈肌

・深層補水: 10%高濃度四重分子釘,深入滋潤 ・高效滲透: 鑽石 3D 網水潤好吸收 ・強化屏障 : NMF 補水網,鞏固保濕膚質 ・Q彈健康: 活化膚質,Q 彈健康好氣色 通過貼布測試。無香料

SKU: 107920200

PuraVida Liposome Hydration Serum

Lightweight absorption Instant radiance and hydration

PuraVida Brand Ambassador
Expert in natural makeup
Harrison Lo

Groundbreaking new skincare concept

“Skincare routine in hot & humid climates”

Liposome Hydration Serum

“Why is my skincare routine ineffective no matter how much product I use?”

Tropical climates - characterized by high temperatures and humidity - often means weakened skin and heightened skin sensitivity. Furthermore, the moisture-locking, stabilizing lipid ceramide gradually degrades after we reach the age of thirty. Without structural stability, the skin cannot retain essential nutrients and hydration, greatly limiting the benefits of skincare.

Sensitive skin
Oily skin
Dry skin
Dull skin

When the combined effects of environmental factors and aging causes youth to slip through your fingertips, what can you do?

PuraVida Liposome Hydration Serum

10% highly concentrated plant-derived ceramide x High pressure homogenization technology

Higher concentration for powerful skin repair, Higher accuracy for effective skin penetration

Caring for skin structure is the foundation to effective skincare

Highly concentrated


Highly precise


Fundamentally resolve skin instability with enhanced penetration of the active ingredient

Liposome Hydration Serum

Fix dry, aging, and sensitive skin by addressing the root cause

10% highly concentrated plant-derived ceramide
, for a tight and stable skin structure

The high concentration of ceramide in our nourishing formula effectively delivers the necessary nutrients to the skin.
It penetrates, repairs, & stabilizes every layer of the skin to yield softer, glowing skin!

High pressure homogenization technology, for more powerful penetration

Our serum is manufactured in Japan using special processes involving grinding at high pressure and high speeds to yield uniquely compact liposomes containing ceramide particles (0.1 micrometers) for better penetration into the skin. Visibly effective at stabilizing the epidermal barrier for healthier, brighter skin!

High pressure homogenization technology Sky blue molecules

PuraVida Liposome Hydration Serum
Sky blue
Generic skincare products
Sky blue molecules

Why does our Liposome Hydration Serum reflect a unique shade of sky blue?

Minuscule molecules (0.1 micrometers) Highly concentrated ceramide
The sky blue color is indicative of the unparalleled size of our molecules, which allows for better absorption into the skin.

High quality Japanese made containers Distinctive pipette design

Chic bottle

Made in Japan, quality assured!
Unique ceramic texture, rounded bottle design
A delightful presence on your vanity table!

Pipette Precision

Unique pressure design /
Extract the perfect amount every time!
Pipette design /
Convenient dispensing: not a single drop of serum wasted

Visibly more youthful!

Simple skincare for more stable skin in only 1 week!
Light & refreshing
Stabilizes skin condition
Glowing skin
Radiate with confidence


Remove all make up



Special care


Seal in hydration

Sun protection

Customer Reviews

Ms. Lin / Sensitive Skin

After using the serum for a week, my skin was visibly smoother and brighter.

Ms. Zhang / Oily skin

The lightweight serum is great for refreshing hydration, and makes for better makeup application afterwards.

Ms. Lin / Low maintenance skincare

The Liposome Hydration Serum has the combined effects of other creams and serums, so it’s super time-saving & practical!

Recommended by Harrison Lo - expert in natural makeup

Why is the PuraVida Liposome Hydration Serum the most suitable product for hot and humid climates?Turns out the secret to tender, smooth skin is…!

Watch as Harrison Lo personally explains what the secret is!