PuraVida Brightening Vitality Serum



SKU: 107520000
PuraVida Brightening Vitality Serum

PuraVida Brightening Vitality Serum



SKU: 107520000

Achieve all-around-luminous skin

Topically applied vitamins

PuraVida Brightening Vitality Collection

Suitable for sensitive skin

Topical vitamins made exclusively for skin

The serum contains highly concentrated vitamins made to deliver healthy and glowing skin. Brought to you by the PuraVida team, the all new Brightening Vitality Collection was made to fulfill skincare needs in hot and humid climates. The high concentration of vitamins B3, B5, C work in conjunction with vitamins A, B2, E, etc. to brighten your skin tone gently and effectively. Uncover a more vibrant and youthful complexion-even without makeup, your skin will shine!

溫和代謝 高效美白 鎖水提亮

Topically applied vitamins

The high concentration of vitamins effortlessly restores your skin tone to a healthy and radiant state, for a more youthful look!


A new form of Vitamin C
anti-oxidation- reversus sun damage
Reduces dullness
Cultivates luminous skin


Restores skin moisture
Alleviates dryness and redness


Soothes and delivers luminous skin

Works with vitamins A, B2 and E etc.


Effortlessly achieve smooth, bright, and glistening skin with just one drop!

PuraVida Brightening Vitality Serum Formulated

Crafted with 21% of multivitamins, works with vitamins A, B2, E etc. To balance uneven tones, erase dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. Can be applied with other skincare products to take skin tone brightening to the next level instantly.

Effectively smoothes and lightens skin tone
The addition of resveratrol and tabebuia bark extract instantly yield visibly more vibrant skin
Lightweight refreshing serum
formulated with cycloartenol ferulate that can be easily absorbed. This product may be used in conjunction with any other skincare products to brighten and enhance skin complexion.
Gentle and safe to use
Patch Tested* and free of alcohol, fragrance, artificial coloring, Parabens, and mineral oils.

**Tested by a third party Japanese company: none of the test subjects experienced any skin irritation; however this doesn’t necessarily hold true for all users.

Simple combination that uncovers multidimension luminous skin complexion.

Lays the foundation for skincare
Toner + serum
Late Nite Up Skin
Awakens skin
Vitality serum + hot pack
Mixed in
Shields skin against dry weather
cream+ vitality serum
Nourish dry skin
Essence + vitality serum

Evident enhancement and skin tone improvement

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